services_twoI can both design and build gardens and offer a competitively priced landscaping and planting service.

When I’m landscaping a garden the design process doesn’t end there. It is the details that make a good garden become outstanding and during the landscaping process I work with you making improvements and alterations to the design and garden at each stage.

Garden consultation restoration

I can also provide a garden consultation service charged by the hour, giving practical advice on all aspects of gardening.

I am frequently asked to advise and help in restoring gardens which have become neglected or in need of improvement. This sometimes involves working alongside an existing gardener or client giving practical advice and help often over a number of years.

Commitment to the environment

As a garden designer and plant’s man I am more aware than most of changes in our environment, although in many ways there is little I can do to change this.

I try when designing and landscaping a garden to be aware of the wider environment. I follow organic principals where it is practical to do so. I source all plants and most materials locally and where possible from sustainable sources. I use heavy machinery only when it is necessary to do so.